Black pepper processing technology

Processing: Raw pepper – Pre-cleaning – removing stone – grading by aerodynamics and spiral – washing by steaming – Drying –  grading by aerodynamics and spiral – store – weighting – packing – finished

Capacity: 2.4-30 ton/shift

Stage 1: Impurities cleaning process:

Impurities cleaning process:

Impurities cleaning process:

  • Pepper material is inserted into hopper and bucket conveyor to loading into PRE-CLEANER to Removing extraneous matter or impurities through careful, Large fan enhance separating effect., Dust and immature grain and remove by aspirator.
  • Pre-cleaning Impurities working based on aerodynamic principles, the principle of separating the principle of weight and divide the volume. Therefore, screening of impurities can be separated for about 90% of impurities in pepper and include smaller impurities pepper, pepper larger impurities and pepper lighter impurities (including dust).
  • In addition, equipped with magnetic system, the machine also works to separate the steel and raw materials. Pepper after leaving raw material impurities sieve sizes ranging from 2.5 mm to 6.5 mm.

Stage 2: Sort by size

  • After separating impurities, pepper was a bucket moved into grading machine, working base on vibration and size net of Sieving to classification with

Particle size from F2,5mm F4,5mm
Particle size from F4,5mm F4,9mm
Particle size from F4,9mm F5,5mm
And the larger particle size F5,5mm

  • Pepper has been classified into four size container. From 4 to this container, we can mix the nuts at the request of finished products for export or continue being processed.

Stage 3: Removing stone

  •  In graded Pepper still have mixer some stone the same size  pepper.
  • Stone emoving process works on the principle difference in the proportion of the size of pepper. Pepper will be a slightly more elevated air flow forms a parallel flow to flow out of mesh. Meanwhile heavier stones falling star collisions with the sides of the groove and dance mesh back later to escape.
  • Stage 4: Classification by aerodynamics
    Pepper after leaving the hotel stone splitting machines or removing stone, it is have same size but different weight, so need grading by grading by weight of pepper
  • Through bucket conveyor Pepper was put into a sorting by through called Catador. In this device has an airflow from the bottom up vertically. Therefore, the sponge and mild peppers will be raised and get out there to make the suspended particles and are separated in a different way.
    Air flow traffic catador adjusted depending on the quality of pepper.

Stage 5: Classification proportion by spiral

  • Pepper after the cleaning process, categorized by size, separation and classification of hotel stone aerodynamic different still shapes: round or dented or distorted and the stalks pepper.
  • Sorter spiral shape is formed by the bulkhead spiral around a vertical axis. Mixes include pepper pepper bead deformation and loaded into the mouth on the sorter.
  • Because diarrhea particles spiral down vertically under the action of gravity. The circular particle accelerator spins should gradually increase to a point where we spin the tilt bulkhead located outer edge and are separated, while the particle movement in free fall on the spiral troughs being higher friction rate particle flow in circular no. Thus the particles closer yield strain of the spiral shaft and taken out

Stage 6: Wash and process microbiology by steam

  • To eliminate harmful microorganisms especially salmonella, it uses steam at pressures from 2 ÷ 3 kg / cm2 at temperatures of 1200 C – 1400 C to pepper spray in the shortest time (about 20 – 40 paper).
  • In the process of steam absorbs pepper blank conveyed through water extraction system before drying.

Stage 7: Drying

  • Drying system uses two consecutive levels of two drying towers floors: floor and floors dried input. The capacity was adjusted pepper suit material moisture content to achieve high performance through bonds discharge screw system.
  • To ensure the scent of pepper, heating systems using gas burners with automatic gas combustion nozzles ensure labor safety system and fire.

Stage 8: Cooling after drying and sorting

  • After drying, the pepper was put into a container cooled and again passed through catador pepper to separate impurities including dust and pepper crust arising after the drying process. After that pepper is brought into the shape sorter spiral (2nd).

Stage 9: Scales, automatic dosing

  • Pepper finished product is put into containers for storage or to be put on automatic weighing systems as required quantify.
    Scales quantitative automated control electronic system that displays the number from 30-60kg tolerance of ± 45g / 50kg, yield 200bao / hour.