CNSL refining system

Cashew processing technology

RCN processing technology

cashew steaming system

cashew steaming system

Processing: Raw cashew nut -> cleaning + removing stone -> calibration -> Steaming or roating -> Drying -> Shelling -> drying (Dryer Boma) -> Peeling -> Grading -> Packing ->RCN finished

CNSL processing technology

Cashew shell after is seperated from shelling processing, will be pressing with screw pressing machine to take oil from cashew shell, one ton cashew shell take 200 kg oil cashew shell

CNSL pressing system: cashew shell from cashew shelling process blowing to hopper of CNSL pressing machine, machine is automatic pressing and separating waste shell and raw CNSL

Raw CNSL: go to net filter and centrifugal machine to refine filter

Waste shell after finished pressing: will be go though¬†Waste Pellet Press Machine to pressing Biomass pellets use fuel for boiler, funel, dryer …

CNSL Refining system: oil cashew shell is filter will enter cooking system with temperature 180 -200 oC, in 3-4 hour per batch

CNSL refining system

Cashew kernel processing technology

  • Cashew kernel frying technology: Cashew kernel will be frying with vegetable oil, have two technology to processing frying cashew kernel is open frying and vacuum frying
vacuum frying machine

vacuum frying machine

  • Cashew kernel roasting technology: cashew kernel is roasted with high temperature, finished can mix some flavour
  • Un-peeled cashew kernel roasting technology: un-peeled cashew kernel is roasted with high temperature, with salt
  • Processing of frying and roasting technology: cashew kernel ->soaking hot water -: De-water -> vacuum frying (or open frying) -> Deoil-> Cooling -> Seasioning ->Packing bag -> carton packing

Cashew Apple liquid processing technology:

cashew apple making machine

cashew apple making machine

  • Cashew apple -> washing -> grading -> Hamming mill -> Extracting -> Separator and filter-> Preheating -> evaparator -> Tubular pasteurizer -> sterilization filling -> cashew apple juice (bottle , can …)

Cashew candy processing technology:

cashew candy making machine`

cashew candy making machine

  • Malt -> vacuum cooker -> cashew small piece roasted -> mixer -> sheeting -> cutting -> packing single piece -> packing big bag
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