Impurities cleaning process:
pepper cleaning machine

Black Pepper Cleaning Machine

Capacity: 2-6 ton/hour

Power source: 5-8 kw, 380 V, 380 V, 50 Hz

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Application: For separating impurities for some agricultural products like coffee granules, pepper, corn, green beans, …
Processing: Raw pepper – hopper – bucket conveyor -> Pepper cleaning machine
The machine is automatic from feeder to separating impurities
The machine working based on aerodynamic principles, the principle of separating the principle of weight and divide the volume. Therefore, screening of impurities can be separated for about 90% of impurities in pepper and include smaller impurities pepper, pepper larger impurities and pepper lighter impurities (including dust).
Whole machine is applied new technology for mechanical and electric control ensure standard for food
Our machine is exported to more country


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