Cashew nut processing plant MEKONG-1TPD

  • Input Capacity: 1 ton/day
  • Output capacity: 300 kg cashew kernel per day
  • Power source: 30 Kw, 220V, 50 Hz 1 phase or 380-415 V, 3phase
  • Install area:  500 m2


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Product Description

Decription: Cashew nut processing plant MEKONG-1TPD is design for small factory with input capacity 1 ton raw cashew nut with 8 working hour, capacity per year is 300 ton, finished product is 100 ton kernel per year.


Cashew nut processing plant MEKONG-1TPDis complete machine from raw cashew nut size sorting machine to vacuum packing machine.

Cashew nut processing plant MEKONG-1TPD is full automatic, saving labour and electric power, can use with electric 220 V, 1 phase.

Whole plants is use new cashew processing technology minimized broken and uncutted, total broken in process lower than 15 %.

Whole machine is make by SS or SS304 with machine processing final product, electric components is supply depend requirement of customer.

List machine:

  1. Raw cashew nut size sorting machine.
  2. Raw cashew nut steaming machine.
  3. Cashew shelling line.
  4. Cashew drying machine.
  5. Cashew peeling machine.
  6. Cashew grading machine.
  7. Cashew vacuum packing machine.


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