Cashew nut processing plant MEKONG-3TPD

  • Input Capacity:  3 ton/ 8 hour work
  • Power: 70 kw, 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 phase
  • Instal area: 1000 m2, height: 6 m
  • Number container: 3 container 40 Hc
  • Date delivery: 60 day
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Product Description

Decription: Cashew nut processing plant MEKONG-3TPD, with input capacity 3 ton raw cashew nut per day, 8 working hour, annual 900 ton raw cashew nut, with finished products is 300 ton per year


Cashew nut processing plant MEKONG-3TPD is automatic and complete machine for plant from calibration machine, cashew steaming machine, cashew shelling line … packing line

Whole machine in plant is designed with newest cashew technology or Vietnam, Vietnam cashew technology is leading in the world, Is use in almost big factory is India, Africa…

With Medium cashew nut size sorting machine with small size capacity suitable with cashew shelling line 400-500 kg/hour, with high correction.

Cashew cooking machine is static cooker, is designed with Pressure cooker with steamer from boiler 500 kg/hour, saving time cooking, and anti change color in cashew shelling process, easy scooping after shelling.

Equipment with two cashew shelling line for 4 size, with 10 blade in one cashew shelling machine, easy increase capacity in future. with broken lower than 5 %, uncutted lower 4 %, combine more parts minimized labour for operation and grading.

Whole machine is controlled by electric box central,and separating control each machine, easy operation and maintenance.

List machine:

  1. Medium cashew nut size sorting machine : 1 No
  2. Cashew cooking machine : 1 No
  3. Cashew shelling line:1 No
  4. Cashew drying machine: 1 No
  5. Cashew peeling machine: 1 No
  6. Cashew grading machine:1 No
  7. Cashew packing machine: 1 No
  8. Air compressor: 1 No
  9. Boiler: 1 No
  10. Working table: 10 no



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