Cashew working conveyor belt


  • Capacity: adjust by inverter
  • Power: 1 kw
  • Electric power: 220 V or 380 V, 3 Phase or 415 V (designed requirement of customer)
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 6000 x 1000 x1500 mm
  • Weight: 500 kg
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Product Description

Application: Cashew working conveyor belt use for labour working grading cashew kernel by manual

Processing: Hopper -> Bucket conveyor –> working converyor -> finish


  • The machine is designed Cashew working conveyor belt with automatic feeder to conveyor, in conveyor divice three help to labout grading by manual
  • The machine is installed after cashew shelling machine, peeling machine or color sorting
  • The machine is equiped three line, light for labour easy working
  • Control by inverter, have adjust speed depend on labour working
  • Easy for labour working, saving labour instead of use working table



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