Mini cashew shelling line

Decription Mini cashew shelling line : Mini cashew shelling line is designed for small and medium factory and cutting for small size or Over size, with number raw cashew no more. Advance Feature of Mini cashew shelling line: The machine is automatic from feeder to shelling and separating shell, kernel, uncutted The machine is use more […]

cashew steaming system

Cashew technology

We are leading in researching and manufacturing cashew technology and cashew machinery in Vietnam.  Our machine is exported to more country in the world as India, Gunnies Bissau, Ghana, Ivory coast, tanzania, Togo, Egypt .. Now we are always innovate and put on more cashew technology in market as following: CNSL processing technology Raw cashew […]

Cashew machine

We are leading in manufacture cashew processing machine in Vietnam, Our machine is exported to India, IVC, Ghana, Gunnie Bissau, Tanzania, Togo … Our machine is processed by newest technology and and whole parts making machine imported from EU, or have stardard EU We are constantly evolving to improve efficiency and productivity We design and […]